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We can incorporate the following design features in your new website:

  • Matching you existing marketing material
  • Good colour selection and balance
  • Rapid download
  • Domain name registration. Selection of a name that will be found by the top search engines.

    eg: www.yourcompanyname.co.uk or www.whatyoudo.net

  • Your email address for rapid response eg yourname@yourcompanyname.net
  • Registry with search engines
  • Gather statistics showing who is visiting your website
  • System to be easily maintainable and expandable to reduce ownership costs


The simplest Web page is comprised of descriptive material without complex links, pictures, this may not be the most exciting design as it does not make use of the full capability of Web browsers.

However it enables the creation of a Web presence which can deliver your message to the world for a small outlay.


Charges typically
@ £25.00 per page for 6 pages.

Domain Name and Web space with email forwarding or personalised email addresses
from £60 per year


IKON Designs
Simon Mitchley