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The web browsers available to us today enable us to deliver true multimedia direct to the home of the web surfer. Here are some examples of type of pictures, sounds and video clips that we may incorporate into your site:


Warning: these features depend upon the addition of "plug-in" software for your browser being present. So do not be surprised if some of the examples do not work on your particular system. When specifying your Website you need to be sure that the particular multimedia is essential for your message.

QuickTime Example:

Movie the cursor over the image and move the 'hand' left and right to move the sculpture
Sculpture by Cindy Jones

As you will see the more sophisticated multimedia effects such as streaming video clips require a lot of data to be downloaded and this may take a long time using a modem. Streaming Video and audio is possible but expensive, the greater the band-width the greater the cost.


IKON Designs
Simon Mitchley